How to Become a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor

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The Fast Track Training package includes all U.S. Department of Energy requirements to become a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor and I.D. Energy exclusive resources, technology access, technical, and program support. Sign up for training today!

* Completion of all necessary training to become a Home Energy Score Assessor should take no longer than 30 days. Under this training program, IDE allows all students 90 days to complete this training. IDE will provide all necessary support and training during this period to all attendees and registrants for the Home Energy Score Program. However we rely on our students and candidates to provide the level of participation to complete the mentorship and Home Energy Score requirements within the allotted time. IDE and IDI are not responsible for nonparticipating registrants and delayed completion times. IDE will work with reasonable requests for extensions if necessary. All requests must be in writing.