How to Become a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor

Complete all U.S. Department of Energy Training Requirements with our approved “Fast Track Training” program in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Hold/Acquire a relevant credential.

Please visit this website Become an Assessor | Better Buildings Initiative ( to determine if you hold one of the relevant credentials before moving forward with the SIM. The Department of Energy requires that you hold a relevant credential because it establishes that you understand the basics of a home’s functions. If you are unsure about whether you have the correct credentials give us a call so that we can discuss your situation. Once you can verify that you have a relevant credential you are free to sign up for the SIM Training.

Step 2: Register and Complete SIM Training. – Register Now

Cost: $375

This training support program includes your registration and on-boarding. In addition to the SIM access and support you will be provided with an introductory webinar on the SIM. In this webinar we will instruct you on how to maneuver within the SIM and successfully complete it.

Step 3: Congratulations, you passed!

Once you complete the SIM you will receive an email from the Department of Energy email, [email protected], informing you that you have passed and completed the SIM. This email instructs you on what to do next. This includes how to make your account and access the DOE portal. It will also include information about the score and an up-to-date assessor calculator.

Step 4: Orientation

This is where we will introduce you to Paperless Inspector’s Home Energy Scoring Tool and show you the mentorship process. This will consist of a prearranged meeting between the mentor and the mentee where we will help you learn how to use our software and answer any questions you have about our process.

Step 5: Initial 5 QA

Cost: $875

In order to be officially certified as an assessor you need to complete our mentorship program. Our mentorship includes one-on-one meetings to review the score. We require that you complete 5 scores as a part of our program. As these scores are completed our Mentor will submit a parallel score and submit that to the DOE for the final sign off. Once these 5 scores have been completed you are now a certified assessor.

Step 6: QA

Cost: $450 per 100 scores

ID Energy is one of the DOE’s approved Virtual QA providers. We utilize your photos to review your files and ensure that we keep your costs down and your clients happy.

Get started with your Fast Track Training today and become a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor from anywhere across the country!

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Registration, SIM training, and Support


This training support program includes your registration and on-boarding. In addition to the SIM training and support, you will be provided with an introductory webinar to the SIM and how to successfully maneuver around the program and successfully complete it. IDE provides support for up to 30 days to complete the SIM portion of the Home Energy Score Assessor training.

* We rely on our students and candidates to provide the level of participation to complete the mentorship and Home Energy Score requirements within the allotted time. IDE and IDI are not responsible for nonparticipating registrants and delayed completion times. IDE will work with reasonable requests for extensions if necessary. All requests must be in writing. 

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