I.D. Energy is continually working to support our Home Energy Score Certified Assessors with Education and Materials that can be used for marketing and outreach. Most recently, we have received special approval for our Assessors to don a “Certified Assessor” logo once complete with their “Sim” Training and “Virtual Mentorship” as a part of our¬†Fast Track Training Program!

Talk to Home Energy Score Assessors and Candidates from across the country! The Home Energy Score Assessor Facebook Group is open for all Interested, Training, or Certified Home Energy Score Assessors to share experiences, ask questions, and support each other!

Certified Assessors in our QA program will be updated regularly with access to our new materials, or check back here to see all the resources I.D. Energy provides.

Training “Candidate” Resources:

Sim Training: Step by Step Training Videos – Our Step by Step Tutorial videos takes you through each section of all 3 ‘Challenge Houses’ in the Sim Online Training. Using these videos have proven¬† to literally cut your time online in half!! Sign up for you Fast Track Training to receive access today!

Every Friday I.D. Energy host a “Sim Training Webinar” to answer specific Sim Training questions with live demonstration. Visit our EventBrite page to RSVP and gain access to the webinar.

Marketing Resources:

Register into our Ongoing QA program and receive the ability to use the “Certified Assessor” logo on your shirts, hats, or marketing materials!



More Materials Coming Soon!! Let us know what we can provide to help you leverage the score in your business!

-Flyers – Coming Soon

-New Training Videos – Coming Soon

-Reception/Call Center Training – Coming Soon