I.D. Energy

I.D. Energy is a national leader in training, quality assurance, and performing Home Energy Scores as an Approved Partner and Service Provider of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score. I.D. Energy has worked closely with the Home Energy Score program to design and build an approved remote training, mentorship, and quality assurance initiative deploying technology and training to the inspection, real estate and insurance industries.

The Home Energy Score is proven to sell homes faster and raise a home’s value. Real Estate Professionals, Home Owners and Buyers can rest assured when they order a Home Energy Score with one of our credentialed Home Energy Score Assessors across the nation. The information provided is more than just a score. It provides consumer protection, awareness of the home’s energy consumption, and guides you to successfully implement energy upgrades in the most efficient and financially beneficial manner.
Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope that whether you are a Home Owner, a Home Energy Score Assessor, Real Estate Professional, or other industry professional that we can help you with your Home Energy Score and energy efficiency needs.