Slowed Down? Don’t Stop!

While most inspectors are at home through these difficult times, many are staying forward focused, active, and engaged.

I.D. Energy COVID-19 Update and Opportunities.

As we all are bracing for the economic effects of our current pandemic, there is a financial balance we are all working to find for ourselves, our families, and our businesses. As much uncertainty still exists, many inspectors know that utilizing marketing and USP’s (unique selling propositions) can be the difference in selling more inspections during a troubled real estate market. A market that soon may be reality.

Currently, we have seen a massive surge in our users completing their mentoring and certification for the Home Energy Score program in the last few weeks! Many are working to gain their certification so that they may utilize the Home Energy Score not only as a valuable service, but as a superior marketing strategy. The best part about our ‘remote’ Fast Track Training and Virtual QA programs? – You can get fully (and safely) certified from your home with only a computer and internet connection!

Through these difficult times, I.D. Energy looks to continually support and assist the progress of our users so that each can find success in completing their Certification and/or has the resources to be successful in deploying the Home Energy Score as a part of their services. If you need any support or have questions, please reach out to the “Support Squad” – [email protected]


To further assist those during this difficult time:

I.D. Energy will be offering $100 off our Fast Track Training Program to become a Home Energy Score Certified Assessorâ„¢ NOW Through APRIL 30th.

To Receive Discount Use Promo Code:


For Certified Assessors

A message from Madeline Salzman at the U.S. Department of Energy:

As we continue to navigate through the Covid-19 crisis, we will do everything we can to support you and your employees. We know that the existing requirements for Home Energy Scores may not be feasible because of social distancing and other restrictions in place. As a result, we are suspending the minimum requirement for Assessors to complete one score every 180 days to remain active.

Because of the tremendous impact that COVID-19 is having on businesses and non-profits throughout the country, including the home energy industry, the Small Business Association is providing targeted, low-interest loans for small businesses and non-profits that have been severely impacted by Covid-19. If you are interested, visit the SBA website to determine eligibility and fill out an application:

We are looking at a number of other ways we can support you during this difficult time. If you have specific suggestions to share, please email them to Home Energy Score Team member Gretchen Hitchner at [email protected]. Your input is especially important as we determine our priorities moving forward.

Thank you everyone.

Please, among all other things, keep yourself and your families safe and healthy.

Brent Loya – I.D. Energy Program Manager