The Energizer

Vol. 3

Assessors in Action

A quick glance at the Home Energy Score Home Inspectors who are makin’ it work!


John Rodkey


JMR Inspections. Founded 2011

John Rodkey is one of the highest-producing Home Energy Score Assessors in the country right now, and you can read a full profile of his work with the Score in this recent ASHI Reporter article. Let us know if you’re one of the many home inspectors whose business is growing because of Home Energy Score, and we’ll see about getting you in an upcoming profile!

Why the Home Energy Score?

I never liked not having a good way to warn buyers that they were getting into an Energy Hog of a home. I know that they don’t like paying high utility bills any more than I do, and now I can make it clear to them what they can expect that way. Also, I thought that it would be a good way to close more jobs, and that’s proven to be true.

How do you work the Score into your marketing and inspection process?

I don’t make a big show of it on the marketing side; mostly I just tell people that as part of their inspection they’re going to get a Home Energy Score report from the U.S. DOE. I can’t put a number on how many more jobs it’s helped me close, but it has definitely led to an improved closing rate for us. I’m already collecting almost all the information that the Score requires, so it hasn’t made a big impact on my inspection process. I’d put the additional time needed at less than 30 minutes total.

What do your clients think about the Score?

Practically every time, their reaction is something along the lines of “Wow, that’s really helpful –thanks!” It hasn’t proven to be any kind of “deal killer” when the Score is on the lower end, either – people just really seem to be grateful to have the extra information and the recommendations for improvements.

What about Realtors?

I already have a reputation with them for being very thorough, homebuyer-focused, and on the cutting edge of the most important new services. Some of them were wary at first, but it gives me something to teach them about, and in the end if the buyer is happier with my services it benefits them, too. Most of the better agents see it as a positive addition at this point.

Read the full ASHI Reporter article.

Hot Takes on Home Energy

Keeping Home Energy Score tabs on the national media beat.

…In fact, energy efficiency is the greatest consumer demand of our day. This is why it’s important to you and the future of your business. The nation is experiencing a growing number of people who want to be more efficient in how they consume energy. The automotive industry is moving towards an electric future with certain manufacturers changing their entire fleets. We see technology doing more and costing less. The companies behind these technologies are setting records in erecting sustainable buildings and factories. Consumer studies show huge sales drops in candy and soda as large manufacturers are investing in “healthy options.”

As the generation with the largest and most diverse share of the U.S. population, Millennials are shaping industries to improve the nature of our culture and the products in it. The real estate industry is no exception.

The millennials were the largest group of home buyers (34 percent) for the fourth consecutive year, according to NAR’s 2017 Homebuyer and Seller Generational Trends study. As this group is buying homes later in life than previous generations, it is only natural that they will continue to lead the market, at even higher percentages potentially. Millennials show vast distinctions from previous generations but there are some particulars that stand out.

Read the Entire Article by Brent Loya in the Summer Addition of Working RE Home Inspector Magazine.

See how your can SELL the Home Energy Score as a Home Inspector


Ongoing thoughts about how to flaunt the Home Energy Score now that you’ve got it

One of the great thing about bringing the Home Energy Score into your inspection business is that you can sell it any way you want to. I.D. Energy works with inspectors across the country who have adopted different ways of selling the Score to improve their services and their bottom line, and they’ve put together a short new video to share how the most successful practitioners are making it work – have a look!


“We want to be clear that Denver’s current initiative is only a small pilot project and not an established ordinance like Portland’s…”

The Home Energy Score has partners in major U.S. cities who are boasting the hottest housing markets or most trend-setting policies, and it’s time to take notice!  Home inspectors in Portland have established themselves as the best source for providing Scores to homebuyers this year through their new ordinance (there have been over five thousand delivered). While not an ordinance, Denver, Colorado kicked off a pilot in May that has had early success raising awareness about the value of a Score. High-profile initiatives like these make the Score more credible and marketable for every Assessor in the country.  Read about the Denver initiative here, and make sure that you can answer “yes” when your next client asks if you provide a Home Energy Score!