Home Energy Score Self-Assessment

Curious about what kind of score your home will get? Interested in the inspection process and what our assessors are interested in? Give our self assessment tool a try. This is the best tool for non-assessors to test out the HES tool and receive an unofficial score for your home.

Our free virtual energy review can help you better understand your home’s energy use and will give your ideas on how you can start saving. In just a short time, you can discover energy-efficiency savings for your home and start your energy efficiency journey. In addition, you can learn more about rebates offered to cut energy waste in a way that works best for you.

Unlock tens of thousands in savings and rebates with an official score

Unofficial scores are great but you’ll unlock so much more with an official score. Schedule a 45 minute walk-through with an official assessor to get your official score. Scheduling is quick, easy and often discounted if combined with a home inspection or another service so be sure to ask if we’re running any specials or discounts!

Still not sure if a score is right for you? Below are some benefits of having your home scored:

  • Cost-effective recommendations to reduce the amount of energy your home wastes on inefficiencies.
  • The amount of money you could save each year on energy costs by implementing recommended improvements
  • Facts about your home’s energy systems and estimated energy use
  • Your home’s current Score based on its energy systems
  • Your home’s Score if all recommended improvements were implemented

The Department of Energy wants YOU to upgrade your home

Every once in a while the government decides it would like to give back and the DOE wants you to live more comfortably, pay less in utilities and upgrade to some new energy efficient appliances. There’s even funds available for larger home upgrades such as windows and insulation. We’ve put a guide together at the link below so you can see what you could qualify for with your Home Energy Score.