Denver Home Energy Score Pilot

Denver is running a pilot to explore how sharing Home Energy Scores can drive awareness and energy savings for prospective home buyers, sellers and those who have recently purchased. The pilot will pay for a single-family home in Denver to receive a Home Energy Score generated by a qualified Home Energy Score Certified Assessor. The Score provides comparable and credible information about a home’s energy performance using a 10-point score to reflect how much energy the home is estimated to use in total, not per square foot.


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A Home Energy Score includes:

  • A Mile-Per-Gallon rating for home assessed.
  • Estimated Annual Energy Costs for home assessed.
  • DOE Recommendation for cost-effective energy improvements and savings.
  • Access to incentives and rebates through Excel Energy.

More About the Home Energy Score Pilot Program from the City and County of Denver

Denver Home Energy Score Home Inspector Pilot is managed by I.D. Energy, a division of Inspection Depot Inc.