The Vitual Mentorship Program

I.D. Energy Powered by Inspection Depot has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score program to design and build an approved remote mentorship program. It’s called the “Virtual Mentorship”. The Virtual Mentorship allows Candidates to become qualified from right in front of their computer, webinar based, one on one. No more waiting for a field mentor. No more delays or frustration because there is no one within 100 miles of your location to complete your mentorship. Moreover, no more being on your own. The Virtual Mentorship program is not just a way to finalize your assessor qualification, it is also a way to complete the entire knowledge transfer in relation to the program, on a one to one basis with your peers.

I contacted the Inspection Depot organization who guided me effortlessly through the final stages of the becoming a Home Energy Score Assessor. The final stage is completing an actual assessment and having a mentor accompany one through the final report.

Inspection Depot responded quickly to my e-mail queries to set up a 90-minute overview of the assessment I had complied a few days before. The assessment had to have both video & photos uploaded into the report to qualify the input data. The mentorship ("Go-To Meeting") had two experienced field experts in the Home Energy field coach & positively critique the assessment & give guidance for future assessments.

The whole process is very professional, the mentors are very patient & knowledgeable. I thank them for their time & professionalism.

- Simon H. from Portland Oregon – Home Energy Score Assessor

Time is money, Sign Up for your Virtual Mentorship today and start earning tomorrow! After completing the “Sim” Online Training there are three steps to successfully complete the Virtual Mentorship process to become an approved Home Energy Score Assessor:

Step 1: Assess a Home

Use your Sim Training to perform a Home Energy Score on your home at your time and convenience. Use the Inspection Depot tips and help videos if necessary to collect the right data. Link to our Facebook community to answer any questions or review comments and tips from other inspectors.Time: 30 Minutes.

Step 2: Use Scoring Tool

Enter your Home Energy Score Data, Photos, and Mentor Video Clips into Paperless Inspectors Home Energy Scoring Tool, at your time and convenience. You will be given a secure log in to the Inspection Depot Management application, where you must upload your first mentorship score. Once approved you can take advantage of other handheld applications. Time: 30 Minutes

Step 3: Review with Mentor

Schedule an online webinar/meeting with your designated Virtual Mentor, at your convenience. You will both review your entire upload, including data, photos, and video c with a certified Mentor via a 60-90 min

Total Time for Virtual Mentorship 2.5 Hours! And then you are qualified to offer energy scores immediately.

Step 4: Offer the Score

You are qualified. Use the Facebook community to see how other colleagues are offering the score. Get information on real estate presentations, CE for Realtors, flyers, door hangers and so much more. All free to the network.

Price for the Virtual Mentorship is $275. For Current FABI and ASHI Members $200