Sim Online Training

There are two parts to becoming a Home Energy Score Assessor.

1) You must pass and complete the "Sim" Online Training.

2) Complete a Mentored Home Energy Score with an DOE Approved Mentor

The Home Energy Score Simulation Training ("Sim"), being most difficult for assessors, is like playing a video game. It teaches prospective Assessors important information about the Home Energy Score. Through the Sim, you conduct virtual home walk throughs in homes designed to show a variety of situations you might encounter. Understanding the Sim is vital not only to passing the test homes and written exam, but also to performing successful Home Energy Score assessments and producing Home Energy Score reports.

Passing the Sim training course is by far the most difficult and time-consuming portion of the Home Energy Score training for all assessors. Luckily, I.D. Energy has made it simple!

I.D. Energy has created “Sim Training Resources” that include in-depth tutorial videos that you can simply follow along to help guide you easily through the training. We guarantee it will cut your time online, at least, in half! In addition to the tutorial videos, the “Sim Training Resources” will give you access to our weekly online webinars, and the ability to post with other assessors on the Home Energy Score Facebook community. To begin training and receive your Sim Training Resources, sign up for your Virtual Mentorship with I.D. Energy today!


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Sim Online Training includes all of the following:
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